Send unique coupons to new email subscribers using Mailchimp

Welcome your new subscribers with a unique and time-sensitive discount. Grow your email list faster.

How does it work?

We are gonna use the native functionalities of Mailchimp, such as automated campaigns and merge tags. More precisely, the workflow will look as such :

  1. A user subscribe to your Mailchimp list.

  2. Mailchimp notifies Personal Discount.

  3. Personal Discount generates a coupon in your shop and pushes it to Mailchimp, using merge tags.

  4. Mailchimp sends an email, using the merge tag value to display the coupon.

Now, let's dig in the configuration steps!

1. Configuring Personal Discount

First of all, we will configure Personal Discount to generate a new coupon for each new subscriber. It will allow us to define the characteristics of the coupons, the discount value or the expiration date for example.

For this, visit your Dashboard ( and click on the CREATE AUTOMATION button.

2. Create a welcome campaign in Mailchimp

The next step is to create an automated welcome campaign in Mailchimp. If you're not sure how to do it, you can follow the excellent tutorial provided by Mailchimp on the subject.

3. Include the discount code in the email template

To include the discount code, we use the *|COUPON|* merge tag. Here is an example :

4. Wait for the coupon before sending the email

The coupons generated by Personal Discount will often be available a few seconds after a new subscription. Still, to be sure to not send an email without a coupon code, we need to ask Mailchimp to wait for the coupon to arrive.

This can be achieved by editing the campaign to filter by segment :

Then, add a segment rule telling that the COUPON merge tag is not blank:


Sending a discount to new subscribers is a good way to welcome potential clients!

We hope this article has been useful. If you have any other question, don't hesitate to contact us at

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