How to include a discount code in Shopify abandoned cart notification

Are you worried that your Shopify customers don't complete purchases? You can send them a notification with a discount code to increase the chance for recovering abandoned carts.

Let's start with opening your Shopify admin panel > Apps > Personal Discount. Click the Add automation button. Then select Shopify as your Email Service Provider and the Campaign Type: Recover abandoned carts.

Now you can set your automation details. How to configure discount is a nice article on that.

Meanwhile, you can click the highlighted link. It will open in a new browser tab. We will come back to this in a moment.

If you set all parameters, save your automation and copy the code snippet to the clipboard.

In the next step navigate to Settings > Notifications > Abandoned checkouts and insert your code snippet into your confirmation email template. If you are not sure where to place the code snippet, then the safest place is below the following line:

<p>{{ email_body }}</p>

You can paste it for example here:

Now save the template changes.

Finally, switch out to the Abandoned Checkouts settings that you have opened in a separate browser tab. The most important is to make sure that abandoned checkout emails are enabled for your store. Here you can also set additional options that you can see below.

Thanks to this automation, the chances of a customer completing a purchase in your shop will increase significantly.

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