How to create a recover abandoned carts campaign with MailerLite

Statistical studies show that nearly 70% of carts in online stores are abandoned. To encourage customers to complete their purchase in your Shopify store send them an email with a discount code.

Let's examine how to create such a campaign using Personal Discount with MailerLite.

Open your Shopify admin page > Apps > Personal Discount. Click Add automation button. Then select MailerLite as your email service provider and Recover abandoned carts as the campaign type.

In the next step set the details of your automation like discount code pattern, value, expiration date, etc. For more information, take a look at the article on how to configure discount.

When you Save your automation, copy to the clipboard the code snippet from the bottom of the page.

Now switch over to your MailerLite dashboard. Navigate to the Automation section and click the Create workflow button.

Set up the trigger. Open the E-commerce automation section. Select Abandoned checkout from the Workflow trigger drop-down menu.

You can specify the time after which an email will be sent from checkout abandonment or decide if you want customers to repeat the workflow every time they abandon a cart. Then uncheck the Repeat workflow for subscribers only once box.

Now add the action that will be performed when a customer enters automation. We want to send an email. Next, type the name and subject of your message. Click Design email and Choose drag & drop editor.

In the next step, insert the code snippet from Personal Discount into the email template. Drag and drop a text element and edit it. Switch over to the HTML view. Delete the default code snippet and paste the one from Personal Discount. Save changes. If your template is ready, hit the Done editing button.

And the final step: turn on your automation.

From now, when your customer abandons their cart, they will receive an email with a discount code to complete their purchase after a set amount of time.

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