Configure discount

The discount settings consist of similar sections to those when you are creating a discount in the Shopify admin panel. In the app you can specify

  • Discount code pattern

  • Options (discount type and value)

  • Applies to

  • Minimum requirement

  • Usage limit

  • Expiration date

Discount code pattern

Instead of a fixed code you can compose a pattern to create unique discount codes. A pattern consists of placeholders and fixed characters. Placeholders will be replaced with random characters according to given symbol. You can choose from following symbols:

  • A - uppercase letters

  • a - lowercase letters

  • 9 - digits

  • X - uppercase letters and digits

  • x - lowercase letters and digits

  • # - uppercase and lowercase letters and digits

Anything else is a fixed character. Fixed characters will stay the same in a generated code as they are in the pattern. If you want to specify a fixed character that is a placeholder symbol you can quote it with single quotes to prevent replacing with random value.

Example patterns:



FdVh8i, pw3gVp, S7MEaD


CDQY-8621, EMPO-8520, QDST-5291


7FK-085-4W0, GT4-W6X-UT5, RNQ-A58-XQ6





Discount type

There are 3 discount types:

  • Percentage discount

  • Fixed amount

  • Free shipping

Applies to

Select what the discount will apply to: Entire order, Selected collections or Selected products.

Minimum requirement

Select Minimum purchase amount if you want the customers to spend a minimum amount to qualify for the discount.

Usage limit

Define how many times a customer can redeem the discount code.

Expiration date

Discount codes may be not limited in time or they may expire certain number of days after creation.

Select Expires: Never to make the discount codes not limited in time.

Select Expires: After to make the discount code expired specified number of days after creation.

Notice! The consequence of having relative expiration date is that the generated codes can no longer be grouped. They will appear separately in the Discounts list in your Shopify admin panel.

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