How to send automated welcome emails with discount codes using Campaign Monitor

Let's examine how to encourage your Shopify customers to subscribe to your newsletter. We will use the Personal Discount app and Campaign Monitor as an email marketing tool.

Start with creating a discount automation. Navigate to your Shopify dashboard > Apps > Personal Discount. Then click Add automation button, select Campaign Monitor as your Email Service Provider and the Campaign Type is Welcome new subscribers.

Specify the details of your automation. Take a look at the article on how to configure a discount if you want to learn more.

Hit Save and copy the code snippet to the clipboard when you set it up.

In the Campaign Monitor email template builder, there is no option to insert an HTML element. The only way to add the Personal Discount code snippet is to use an external tool for creating email templates like BEE Pro. You can select a pre-built template and modify it or create your own from scratch.

Below you can see, how to add the Personal Discount code snippet to your email template.

Now export the template as an HTML doc.

Switch over to your Campaign Monitor dashboard. Navigate to Automations and hit Create an automation button. Select Welcome journey. In the next step make sure that you have selected a subscribers list that is connected with your Shopify store. Click Continue.

Now import your email template to the automation. Scroll down the left section and click Change template, next Import HTML at the bottom.

It's high time we activated our automation.

When your customer joins the newsletter, they will receive an email with a discount code.

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