Send unique coupons from Mailchimp to customers who bought a specific product

Establishing a long-term relationship with your customers it’s a must in today’s world. Once the transaction is being made it’s your turn to build the relation.

One of the most common (and one of the most successful!) ways to do so is awarding your customer base with a discount for future shopping. It can help your business with a cross-selling as well - offering a special offer for products related to what’s been bought already.

Learn how to generate unique discounts for a customer who just made a purchase of a specific item from your shop with us!

How does it work?

  1. Personal Discount generates a discount code after every purchase of a specific product.

  2. Mailchimp sends a follow-up message with a discount code - only to customers who had purchased a specific (chosen) product from a store

How to do it?

Configuring Personal Discount

For starters, you will need to configure Personal Discount to generate coupons for New Order.

  1. Start from visiting your Dashboard and clicking on the Add automation button;

  2. Connect to your Mailchimp account;

  3. Select New Order as a trigger to generate discounts;

  4. Now, you can set up the discount settings according to your needs.

Configuring Mailchimp

First of all, to enable e-commerce campaigns on MailChimp, you will need to install Mailchimp: Email Marketing app.

The next step is creating a Mailchimp campaign - to do so, you will need to visit your Mailchimp dashboard, open the Automations section and hit Build from scratch. Enter your automation name and click on Start building.

Now Choose A Starting point. We want a customer to enter the automation when they Buys a specific product. Then select this product from the list.

The flow trigger is set up, so now Add a journey point. Select the Send email action from the available options and choose a method how to prepare a message template.

While fine-tuning the email template, insert Shopify Discount Code merge tag into one of the merge text elements. It can be modified in the same way as other text. Save & Close the text element and if your template is ready, hit Save and Return to Journey.

When the automation is ready, it's high time to activate it. You can also decide if contacts should repeat Journey by checking a proper box. Hit Continue and Turn On. Then the Journey will appear on the automations list with the status Active.

From now on, your customers will receive a follow-up message with a discount code when they buy a specific product.

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