Why my Shopify discount code doesn't work?

There are several cases when the discount code won't be applied at the Shopify checkout, despite it being generated properly. In this guide, we present how to recognize the most common issues and how to solve them.

Your customer may see one of the following messages

Below, we present more detailed reasons behind these messages.

The discount code isn’t available to you right now

The customer has to use the same email address on the checkout page as the email address entered to receive the discount

It is a common case when a customer tries to place an order using a different email address than the one provided when signing up for your newsletter.

If you want to check whether a discount code is assigned to a particular email address, open your Shopify admin panel and click Discounts from the left-hand sidebar.

Discount is limited to a specific customer

This is a similar case as above. The only difference is the restriction was added in the Discounts section after the code was generated.

The discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart

Discount is limited to a selected product or products from a collection that are not added to the cart

When a customer has added products from a collection covered by discount and from another collection, then the discount will be applied only for products from the first one. If they don't add any product from the discounted collection, the code won't be applied.

The selected collection is empty

Go to your Shopify admin panel > Products > Collections and check whether your collection is not empty.

Discount has a minimum amount requirement

The same warning will appear when a customer hasn't achieved the minimum purchase amount.

You can check it also in the section Discounts.

Enter a valid discount code

The expiration date has already passed

The expiration date can check here: Shopify admin panel > Discounts.

There is a typo in the discount code

A customer might have mistyped the discount code. This may happen especially for letters that look similar. For example:

  • l and I (lowercase L and uppercase i)

  • 0 and O (digit 0 and uppercase o)

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