Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be notified when I exceed my current plan limit?

Yes, you will get an email notification when you are at 90% of your current plan limit, and then another email when you exceed your current plan limit

Will the app stop generating discount codes when I cross the plan limit and don't upgrade immediately?

In the past, until May 2020, we used to offer subscription plans that stop generating discount codes 3 days after exceeding the limit.

Current plans keep generating discount codes after surpassing the plan limit. You'll be charged for the additional codes at the beginning of next month. The price per additional code depends on your current plan:

  • $0.05 per code on the Starter plan

  • $0.02 per code on the Standard plan

  • $0.01 per code on the Pro plan

You'll also get notified by email in case you reach a threshold when it's more cost-effective to switch to a higher plan.

Does Personal Discount integrate with Shopify Email?

Yes, since Shopify has provided the option to add a custom code snippet in a Shopify Email message template, you can integrate this app with Personal Discount. Shopify Email is on the list of Email Service Providers and you can select it when creating the automation.

Is it possible to apply a discount together with free shipping?

It's currently not possible to stack discount codes to offer both free shipping and discounted products. As a workaround, you can set a free shipping rate for selected countries.

Can the app limit a discount based on the number of items purchased?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to restrict the discount based on the number of items purchased.

Could you update the app to make it possible to combine discount codes or specify additional restrictions?

Personal Discount makes use of the discount validation mechanism provided by Shopify. It's technically not possible for an app to extend the validation rules behind the discount code input field. Only Shopify could add such options.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Please uninstall Personal Discount from your shop. It will cancel both the monthly subscription as well as usage charges.

Why does N/A show up instead of a discount code?

There are few cases when you or your customers may see N/A instead of a discount code:

  • when a discount automation has been already deleted

  • when a discount automation has been paused

  • when you set up a discount to be created after a customer registers an account in your store whereas the app can't find a customer for the given email address

  • when you set up a discount for abandoned carts but the app can't find an abandoned checkout associated with the given email address

  • when you set up a discount to be created after a purchase ("Thank first-time customers" or "Follow-up on purchases" campaign) but the app can't find an order placed by a customer with the provided email address

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