How to create a post-purchase campaign to increase customers' loyalty using Klaviyo

Do you want to increase your customers' loyalty to your Shopify store? The best solution is to create an email campaign with discount codes for their next purchases.

In this guide, we will examine how to do this with Personal Discount and Klaviyo.

Let's start with creating new automation with our app. Open your Shopify dashboard > Apps > Personal Discount. Then pick Klaviyo as your Email Service Provider and the Campaign type is Follow up on purchases.

Next, set details of your automation. Here is a useful guide on how to configure a discount which describes parameters that you can control.

If you have set everything up, save your automation and copy the code snippet to the clipboard.

In the next step, switch over to the Klaviyo dashboard > Flows > Create Flow.

We will build our automation from scratch.

Enter the flow name.

Now we will create our automation structure. Let's start with a trigger. We want to send a message when a customer placed an order, so click Metric.

And select Placed Order from the dropped-down menu. Then click Done. You can also set trigger filters or flow filters to restrict automation to only certain people.

Now drag and drop an action that will be taken after placing an order. We want to send an email. You can also set a time delay.

In the next step, design your message with a discount code.

Here you can set the details of your email like the mail sender or subject and select your message designing way.

You can choose one of the pre-built templates or create your own.

Now drag and drop a text element that will contain a code snippet. You can also use the existing element from your template.

Edit your text element. Switch out to the Source view, paste the code snippet from Personal Discount and Save element changes. If your entire template is ready, Save Content.

It's high time for activating your automation. Change the email status from 'Draft' to 'Live'. Then Save & Exit.

Now your customers will receive a message with a discount code when they place an order.

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