Create an abandoned cart recovery campaign with Klaviyo

Has your Shopify customer forgotten to complete the purchase? Klaviyo and Personal Discount give you the possibility to create a campaign that will encourage them to finalize shopping.

Open the Personal Discount app from your Shopify admin panel and click Add automation button. Select Klaviyo as your Email Service Provider and pick the Campaign type: Recover abandoned carts.

In the next step, specify your automation details, including discount value, expiration date, and others. Find out more in the article how to configure discounts in the Personal Discount app for Shopify stores.

Now you can save your automation and copy the code snippet to clipboard.

It's time to open your Klaviyo dashboard. Click the Flows section from the left-hand sidebar. Then click the Create Flow button. You can also move directly to the Abandoned Cart automation creator if it is available at this site as is highlighted below.

Now you can type 'abandoned' in the search field. Then different options will appear. Select standard abandoned cart reminder.

The pop-up will appear. Here you can set the name of your flow and preview the structure of that. Make sure that the Shopify integration with Klaviyo is enabled. Click the Create Flow button at the end.

By default, you may have filters set up that restrict messages to be sent to only those customers who have completed an action. You can delete conditions or set up your own. To delete the filter click the button with trash icon and save.

Now you can see the default recover abandoned cart automation structure. In our case, we want to send one message, so we will delete two last boxes.

Let's customize our automation parameters. Below you can see how to set desired time delay after checkout has started.

Now design your email with a discount code.

In the next step, specify details of your message like the sender name or subject. Then click on Edit Content.

We need to paste the code snippet into a text element. You can edit the existing one or drag and drop a new text element into the email content. Switch out to the Source and paste the code snippet. Next, Save text block changes and Save Content at the end.

We come back to the automation graph. To start sending messages, change the email status from 'Draft' to 'Live'.

Congratulations! You've just increased the chances that your customer will return to the abandoned cart and complete the purchase.

When a customer clicks the discount code, will be redirected to the Shopify checkout with a discounted purchase price.

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