How to create a welcome campaign with ConvertKit

The newsletter is a powerful tool to stay in touch with your customers and offer them your products. But how do encourage them to join it?

In this tutorial, you will learn, how to create welcome automation using ConvertKit with our Personal Discount.

Navigate to your Shopify dashboard > Apps > Personal Discount. Hit Add automation. Select ConvertKit as your Email Service Provider and Welcome new subscribers as the Campaign Type.

Next, specify the automation details such as the code pattern, value, number of usages, etc. Take a look at the article on how to configure discount for more information.

When your automation is set up, save it and copy the code snippet to the clipboard.

Now switch over to your ConvertKit dashboard. Start by preparing an email template. Click on Send > Email Templates. Then hit New email template. You can choose one of the pre-built ones or create your own using HTML code.

Prepare your template and Save it. Now let's create an email sequence. Click on Send > Sequences. Hit New sequence and select your email template.

Now paste the code snippet from Personal Discount into your email template. Click on the plus sign and select HTML Block from the dropped-down menu. Hit Edit and paste the code snippet. Save element and Publish changes.

Finally, let's create welcome automation using elements we have prepared in the previous steps. Navigate to Automate > Visual Automations > New automation > Start from scratch.

You can rename your automation. Now set the trigger: when a subscriber is added to the list connected with your Shopify store. Hit Add event to confirm.

Now set the action that will be performed when a subscriber joins the newsletter. Click on the plus sign. Select the Email sequence from the Action section. Now pick the sequence that you prepared earlier. Hit Add Action to confirm.

It's high time to activate our automation. Hit Live at the right top.

Voilà! From now your new subscribers will receive a message with a discount code when they join your newsletter.

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