How to create a pop-up and include a discount code in welcome emails with the Vitals app

Do you want to encourage new subscribers to buy from your shop? The best way is to create a campaign with a discount code. Find instructions on how to do this using Personal Discount with Vitals.

Open your Personal Discount app and Add automation. Select 'Other' as your email service and Welcome new subscribers as the campaign type.

Now fill out the form with automation details. If you need more information about that, here is a useful article on how to configure discount. Save your automation and copy the code snippet to the clipboard.

Switch out to your Vitals dashboard. From the left-hand bar, click Engage customers then Email Marketing.

Open the Welcome automation.

Now enable your automation status and decide how many messages will be sent to your customer. In that case, one is enough. You can disable Message #2 and Message #3. Edit Message #1 which will contain a discount code.

Set config for your message then go to the content. To include the discount code into your mail you need to drag and drop the HTML element, as you can see below.

Delete the existing code snippet and paste the one from your Personal Discount automation.

Now you need to modify this code snippet a bit. Delete {{email}} and paste {{ customer_email }} in two places marked below.

Save all changes.

Don't forget to enable the Email Marketing app.

Now create your pop-up. Go to Capture Leads > Pop-up. Click 'Create' and select Lead Capture type.

Customize your pop-up template. Enable this one and save all changes.

Also, enable the pop-up app. If something doesn't work as you expected, visit the 'Settings' tab.

Now you can test the behavior of your automation. A unique discount code will be included in an email message.

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