How to create a birthday campaign with a discount code using Mailchimp

Personal Discount does not support a dedicated trigger to generate discount codes on a birthday with Mailchimp. Nevertheless, there is a clever workaround. With this approach, the discount code displays as a clickable image that will redirect a customer to your store with a discount applied.

Start by creating new automation in Personal Discount. Click on Add automation. Select Other as your Email Service Provider and Happy Birthday as the campaign type.

Set the parameters of discount codes that will be created by this automation. Find more in the article on how to configure discount to make the most of the options provided by the app.

Once you have completed this stage, save your automation and copy the code snippet.

The next step is creating a birthday campaign in Mailchimp. You can do this using Journey or Classic Automations. Navigate to the Mailchimp dashboard > Automations > Build from scratch. Type your Journey name and hit Start Building.

Set Birthday as the starting point of your automation. Decide how many days before the subscriber's Birthday date you want to send a message to them and indicate the name of the field where this date is stored in Mailchimp.

Add a Journey point. We want to send email. Next, design your message. You can choose from the themes or build an email from scratch.

Customize your email template. Next, drag and drop a code element into the place where you want a discount code to be displayed. Delete the placeholder div and paste the code snippet from Personal Discount. Then replace both occurrences of {{ email }} with *|EMAIL|* in the code snippet. Save & close the code element. You will see an example discount code in your email template.

When your email template is ready, hit Save and Return to Journey. Then click on Continue and Turn On to activate the automation. Your automation will appear on the list in Overview of the Automations section.

From now on, your subscribers will receive a message with a discount code the day before their birthday.

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