How to integrate Personal Discount with Sendinblue?
Follow the steps below to include unique discount codes in emails sent from Sendinblue.
1. Add a new automation in Personal Discount
2. Select Sendinblue as email service provider
Add Personal Discout Sendinblue automation animated
Add Personal Discout Sendinblue automation
3. Select the campaign type that you want to enhance with unique discount codes
  • Welcome new subscribers
  • Recover abandoned carts
  • Follow up on purchases
  • Happy Birthday
  • Other
4. Specify and save the discount settings
5. Copy the code snippet at the bottom of the settings page
6. Switch over to Sendinblue, and navigate to Campaigns > Templates
7. Open an existing template or create a new one
8. Drag and drop an HTML element
9. Remove the existing source code and paste code snippet copied from Personal Discount settings in point 5
10. Click on any location highlighted in blue to confirm changes
Well done! Your email template includes now a unique discount code.
The discount will be created individually for each recipient at the moment when they open the email. When a recipient clicks on the discount code then it will redirect them to your shop, and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout.