How to send welcome emails with discount codes for new subscribers via Ontraport?

In this article, we will show you how to integrate Personal Discount with Ontraport and encourage customers to join the newsletter.

Personal Discount is highly-rated application to create unique discount codes. With Ontraport, you can automate sending emails. How to integrate them to get a great marketing campaign? Here we go.

Set up a discount automation in Personal Discount

Open your Shopify dashboard > Apps > Personal Discount and add a new automation. Select Ontraport from the list of Email Service Providers. Pick the campaign type 'Welcome new subscribers'.

Next, specify discount details. At the bottom of the automation settings page, you'll find a code snippet. You'll need to copy and paste it into an email template in further steps.

Configure newsletter signup automation in Ontraport

Now switch over to your Ontraport dashboard. Click the 'Automations' button.

Then create a new automation. Ontraport has predefined automation templates for new subscribers. In this step select the proper one from the list.

You can see several branches and it could seem complicated but don't worry.

In our case two of them are unnecessary that you can delete.

Now your automation looks more friendly. Following elements with the red dot have required settings that must be set before publishing.

Set up a sign-up form

Let's start with the 'Submits form'. Click that and set triggers.

Create a new form or pick the existing one. The recipients will get an email with a discount code after filling out this form.

You can use Ontraport templates that could be modified easily or create your own.

Publish your form and put it on your page. Follow the instruction – attach the code snippet from Ontraport to include the form on your website.

Prepare your welcome email template

If your form is ready, you need to prepare your email template with a discount code. Modifying it is similar to creating the form template – you're just working with blocks. So click the element 'Sent email' in your automation.

From the drop-down menu select an email template or create a new one.

Choose RAW HTML template type.

Prepare your email template. Switch on the source view and paste the code snippet from Personal Discount. Then click Save at the right-top.

Click Publish to start the automation. If you want to activate it later, click Save.

Well done! Now your new subscribers can enjoy the discount.

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