How to encourage customers to buy more from your shop with Personal Discount and ActiveCampaign?

Personal Discount is a great tool to add unique discount codes to automated emails. Using it with ActiveCampaign you can create a fantastic campaign to encourage customers to shop again in your store.

Open the Personal Discount app in your Shopify dashboard. Then click Add automation button. Select ActiveCampaign from the Email Service Providers list. Then pick the desired Campaign Type: Follow up on purchases.

In the next step fill out the form with automation details. If you need more information about that, here is a useful article on how to configure discount in the Personal Discount app.

Save your automation and copy the code snippet to the clipboard.

Now switch out to the ActiveCampaign dashboard. Go to Campaigns > Create your campaign.

Name your campaign and select the proper type – Automated in our case.

Now Select a Trigger.

Set options for your automation. You can also add advanced filters if you need them.

Now you will be asked which action to take. We would like to send an email.

In the next step create an email template if you haven't already. You can use pre-set templates or create your own.

Insert an HTML Block.

Now paste the Personal Discount code snippet which you've copied to the clipboard.

After preparing an email template save all changes. Check campaign summary settings. Then click Save and exit.

Now we are coming back to our automation. Select your email to send.

Look at your automation graph. If everything is OK, you can activate it.

Voilà! Now your customers will have an additional incentive to make a next purchase in your store.

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