How to send a unique discount code to customers who create an account?

Shopify sends a welcome email to customers who create an account in your store. By default the email looks like this:

If you want to include a unique discount code (each customer gets an individual coupon code), then follow the steps below.

Set up a discount automation in Personal Discount

1. Add a new automation in Personal Discount.

2. Select Shopify as your email provider.

3. Select Welcome new accounts as your campaign type.

4. Set up discount options and copy the code snippet.

Add the code snippet to the Customer account welcome email template

1. Nagivate to Settings in your Shopify admin panel and the to Notifications:

2. Scroll down to Customer section and open Customer account welcome.

3. Find the following line:

<p>{{ email_body }}</p>

4. Paste the code snippet below the line:

5. Preview the email to check if the discount code appears in the right place.

6. Save the email template.

Congratulations! From now on, customers who create an account in your shop will receive a discount code for their next purchase.

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