Send unique coupons for your subscribers birthday

Birthday marketing campaigns achieve an average email open rate of 60%, click-through rates of 10% and a conversion rates of 5%.

How does it work?

  1. You ask your customers for their birthday (using plugins or in your subscription popup).

  2. Personal Discount generates a unique coupon code one day before your users birthday and pushes it to Mailchimp.

  3. Mailchimp sends the coupon code in an email, using the normal Birthday campaign.

Configuring Personal Discount

First of all, we will configure Personal Discount to generate coupons one day before your users birthday.

  1. Visit your dashboard and click on the "CREATE AUTOMATION" button.

  2. Select "When it's a user birthday"

  3. Configure the automation for your needs.

Configuring Mailchimp

The last step is to configure Mailchimp to send the email. Visit your Mailchimp dashboard and create an automated birthday campaign, by clicking on "Say 'Happy Birthday'"

To display the coupon in your email, use the merge tag configured earlier (*|COUPON_01|* in our case).


Birthday marketing campaigns are one of the most efficient campaigns you can set up. If done well it can make your customer feel special and increase sales significantly. Not using them is losing money, so better starting now!

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