How to set up an abandoned cart email in Mailchimp?

Integrate your Shopify store with Mailchimp

To set up an automated cart recovery email, you need an app that can synchronize abandoned carts with Mailchimp, such as Mailchimp: Email Marketing. Install it in your store and connect with your Mailchimp account.

While configuring the Mailchimp app, ensure that the list chosen in Linked Audience section matches the list selected in Personal Discount. Then hit Sync now.

Personal Discount Settings

Navigate to Personal Discount. Click on Add automation and connect the app with your Mailchimp account.

In the next step, provide the automation name, select the audience (the same as in the Mailchimp app). Then pick the Abandoned Cart trigger and specify a time period after which a cart should be considered as abandoned.

Personal Discount adds a customer who abandoned a cart to the selected list in MailChimp. The app also creates a unique discount code and assigns it to the member's profile as a merge tag DSCNT_CODE.

Now you can set up details of your automation such as a discount value, usage limit, or expiration date. Learn more from this article on how to configure your discount.

Mailchimp automation

Switch over to Mailchimp to create a Journey for customers that abandoned their cart. Click on Automations on the left sidebar → Build from scratch and type a name of your automation.

Now set the starting point. Select Abandons cart as the starting point from the available options. Then choose the Store name from which customers will take part in this campaign. You can also indicate if the Customer Cart should contain any or a specific product and Abandoned Cart Wait Time. The Wait for value cannot be shorter than the one specified in Personal Discount.

Select the action that will be taken when a customer enters the journey. In our case the action is Send email. You can choose how you want to design it.

When preparing the email template, insert Shopify Discount Code merge tag into one of the merge text elements. It can be modified in the same way as other text. Save & Close the text element and if your template is ready, hit Save and Return to Journey.

When the automation is ready, it's high time to activate it. Hit Continue and Turn On. Then the Journey will appear on the automations list with the status Active.

From now on, your customers will receive a message with a discount code one hour after abandoning their cart.

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