Add a Mailchimp pop-up to your WooCommerce store
In this tutorial you will learn how to add an email subscription pop-up to your WordPress website. It does not require installing any plugin.

Set up the pop-up in Mailchimp

    Log in to your Mailchimp account
    Open Audience from the top menu
    Click on Manage Audience drop-down and select Signup forms
    Click on the Select button next to Subscriber pop-up
    Design your pop-up and click on Generate Code
    Copy the code snippet to clipboard

Add the pop-up code snippet to your website

    Log in to your WordPress admin panel
    From the side menu hover on Appearance and select Theme Editor
    Open Theme Footer file (footer.php)
    Scroll down to the bottom of the file and paste the pop-up code snippet right above the closing </body> tag
    Update the file and you're done. The popup should appear on your website.
Test how it works on our demo store
Last modified 1yr ago